Go OWL-out!

$90.00 $80.00

Go OWL-out with your personalized AIMS OWLphabet Tumbler tote or mask today! Take it to the NEST Level!

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Full set of AIMS Gear.  $90 value, now for $80!

Mask:  Stay safe and stylish!  Protect you and your family with these wonderful owl face masks.  #maskup #returnsafely

Tote:  Stylish, roomy and practical:  Use it for grocery shopping, a beach day, or just carrying all your items around town.

Tumbler:  Beautifully crafted tumbler monogrammed with an arabic letter.  Use it for a hot beverage and your drink will stay hot!  Alternatively, on a hot day ice will last in this tumbler for 24 hours!  Copper lined, vacuum insulated deep draw liner will maintain optimal drinking temperatures; dual walled 18-8 stainless steel


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