Houston Texans Children’s Triathlon

Date: April 21 & 22


NRG Stadium Parking Lot


Age group based on age as of 31 December 2018

               6 – 10 year olds                              11 – 15 year olds

SWIM      100 YARDS                                      200 YARDS

BIKE        3 MILES                                             6 MILES

RUN         ½ MILE                                             1 MILE


Participation Awards

Each participant regardless of finish time receives Finisher Medal and T-shirt

PTO will host a post race party for all AIMS finishers


all the following information is based on the 2017 race, information will be updated as any changes are made

What is a Triathlon?

A triathlon is a multi-stage competition involving the completion of 3 continuous events.  In this case, swimming, biking and running.

How does my child join the AIMS TRI team?

Register for the triathlon either online with a $3 processing fee, or fill out the paper form for submission.  The cost is $50 for the race + $10 to join USATriathlon for 1 year(mandatory).  Put AIMS for team/group name.


How old do they have to be to compete?

The Junior race is open to children who are 6 – 10 as of 31 December 2018.  Their race will take place on Saturday.

The Seniors race is open to children who are 11 – 15 as of 31 December 2018.  Their race will take place on Sunday.

How does my child train?

The biggest thing is endurance.  If your child can swim 4 laps in a pool and ride their bike for 20 minutes without stopping, they can successfully complete a kids triathlon.

PTO hopes to create training opportunities throughout the school year to get AIMS kids ready to race and have fun.

My child is not a good swimmer.  Can they still participate?

All racers must be able to swim 100 yards freestyle by race day.

My child still needs to use training wheels on their bike.  Can they still participate?

Training wheels are not allowed.  PTO is hoping to host a bi-monthly bike training to help participants reach their goals in ability and endurance.

Does my child need a fancy racing bike?

NO!  Any 2-wheeled bike will do.

Does my child need a helmet?


What is a transition?

A transition is the process of switching from one event to the next.  After the swim, participants run to the bike corral and locate their bikes, put on helmet, shorts (optional) and shoes.  Each participant will be marked on their calf with the location of their bike for race aids to help them along.  After the bike ride is completed, participants run their bikes back to their designated spot, take off their helmets and take off running for the finish.

Will parents be able to help participants in the transition?

Parents will not be involved in the race in any way once their child starts.  There are an abundance of lifeguards in the pool for the swim portion.  Race aids will be on the course to help the kids with the flow.  The YMCA will offer free classes to participants in the months leading up to the race to teach participants how to properly plan for and make the transitions.

So what will I as a parent be doing while my child races?

Cheering.  And running from the transition spot to the finish line.

What do we need to bring to the Triathlon?

  • Swimsuit (wear it)
  • Goggles
  • Swim Cap is provided at the race, wear theirs as they are color coded based on age and ability
  • Towel
  • Socks and tennis shoes
  • Water bottle
  • Triathlon or other t-shirt and shorts (optional)
  • Bike and bike helmet (required!)
  • Clothing to change into after finishing the Triathlon (optional)
  • Ankle timing device provided in the race packet
  • money (optional) but there are food truck galore

How will I know my child’s results?

Each child will have a timer on their ankle.  The timer will record for each event and each transition time.  There will be an overall ranking and then rankings for each event.  The results are displayed on the website a few days after the completion of the race.

What is the PTO going to provide?

Organizational support.  Hopefully training sessions.  Shade structures at the race.  Food and drinks for race day.  Some activities to keep the kids occupied while they wait for their stage to start.

How do we get all their things in place for the race?

The day before the race (Friday) everyone must go to the race location (2017 was NRG stadium parking lot).  Here is where all participants sign waivers, receive their packets containing bib numbers, swim cap and ankle timer.  The participants will also drop their bikes off in the gated (and locked) corral.  No bikes can be dropped off on race day.  It moves quickly, but expect to stand in a lot of lines.  Bring a pen.  You will also have the chance to walk around and get a feel for the race course.

What is the plan for the morning of the Triathlon?

Everyone meets up bright and early.  All participants are marked with their bib number and bike location (more lines).  Then you hang out for a bit.  The fastest racers start first (a small group) then the kids begin their race in stages of about 35 kids with the youngest going first.  If your child isn’t racing, hang out under the shade structures and cheer on all the participants.  A child’s individual race, depending on ability can range from 30 – 50 minutes.

I have more questions or I want to help out, who do I contact?

Carly West at

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